Redesign/Rebuild Aquatic Perfection

One of my very first clients, Aquatic Perfection, needed to be brought back up to today’s web standards. My original build and design needed to be completely re-done since the website had been sitting there getting stale on the shelf. After over 10 years it was way past due! I always love working on websites that contain visually stunning graphics, this one in particular. The home page includes a calming animation and that is eye catching at the same time. The original site was built on Joomla!, however, as CMS platforms have evolved, I feel WordPress has far surpassed Joomla. WordPress is easier to update (plugins, core files, themes) and easier for my clients to use if they decide they like to update their content or add blog posts. In addition, you can very easily find free or low cost plugins/add-ons to add just about any functionality you need. (I think I did this in early 2016, yep, late in posting!)

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