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Responsive web design and development built with SEO in mind, CMS (WordPress), e-commerce integration, real estate listings, web maintenance…

Interactive Media

Interactive media specializing in conference materials (agenda, speaker bios, PowerPoint slides, audio, video, etc.), video editing/slide syncing…

Graphic Design

Design services for flyers, ads, order forms, brochures, business cards, packaging and labels, post card mailers, illustrations, logos…

j.p. studio designs, est. 2003

j.p. studio designs specializes in custom website design and development powered by WordPress, conference content delivery for attendees via online portal, and graphic design. Utilizing WordPress provides low-cost solutions with a wide range of options for any industry. Also provided is a fully managed web hosting service custom fit to your needs powered by one of the top rated hosting services, SiteGround.

With a strong background in the conference recording and content delivery industry, Jessica P. Schultz started j. p. studio designs in 2003. Jessica has a degree in computer science specializing in graphic design, web, and multimedia. She will be the one you will be working with from start to finish on any project with the support of a small team. Jessica resides in Ventura County, CA sandwiched in-between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles; Our clients are located all over the United States.

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More about Jessica

After working in the grocery field for 7 years and working up to customer service manager, I started my education in graphic design in 1999. I earned a computer science degree in 2001 specializing in web and multimedia. I was hired in 2001 by a company that recorded conferences all over the world; The Sound of Knowledge owned and operated by Michael Doane, a leader and educator in the industry. I was in charge of the design and development of interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs containing conference materials, audio and video. With the approval of Michael, I eventually created a graphics department in the company, heading up to 6 employees where I was in charge of all the design and creation of media, flyers, order forms, disc packaging, and web projects for the company.

In 2003, I decided I would like to start my own company. My former graphic design school, Platt College of San Diego, CA, gave me a lead to contact All Star Media. They recorded conferences and was looking for my skills to deliver content to attendees. From there, I received calls from similar companies and before long, I was producing content on disc and web for a number of recording companies. I then started providing in-house media printing and duplication for these clients.

Today, most of my projects are web based for a variety small businesses in industries including insurance, real estate, construction, lending, beauty, medical, and more. Some conference recording client industries include psychiatry and the law, various medical fields, healthcare, healthcare marketing, training (workplace, nursing, etc.), and wine making/enology/viticulture. In addition to taking care of my client’s web needs, I provide graphic design for any printed materials they may need such as business cards, flyers, trade show banners, signage, table throws, order forms, product packaging, brochures, and what ever else.

In 2021, I was granted a CA real estate salesperson license. I am passionate about real estate and helping people in any way that I can. Finding solutions in real estate, web, or health choices makes me happy in my own life. As a professional in real estate, I know each transaction comes with its own set of obstacles. Navigating my clients through these while obtaining the best possible outcome and providing a pleasant experience is my number one goal.

I am an advocate for ditching single use plastic especially when it comes to laundry detergent, any watered down product in plastic jugs, and shampoo/conditioner bottles. I enjoy finding ways to reduce and reuse by making my own soap, body/face moisturizer bars, lip balms and using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of liquid. As I am walking on the beach where I live, I am constantly reminded of the importance of our choices in products when I see single use flossers, tooth brushes, water bottles, and other unmentionables washing up onto the sand.

Finally, I am an advocate for animal rights. I do not believe in caging, chaining, or using wild animals for human profit and entertainment. I am against circuses, any zoo that puts animals in small enclosures and does not have the sole purpose of capturing for rescue such as whales being trapped in tanks. This causes stress, depression and endless health issues leading to a shorter than normal life. I feel one of the worst possible thing humans can do to an animal is make them part of a traveling zoo/circus; They are wild and meant to be free. The animals are depressed when in their small enclosures then scared and stressed to the point of an early death during travel and “shows”. The animals are trained by fear, pain and torture. I ask my friends to please not support any of these acts of cruelty. Please take your children to see animals that have been rescued and are to be freed again when ever possible. 

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